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Today we recorded 'you mean to tell me...' ant and i have to go back to finish vocals but it sounds fucking amazing...another change...or addition...Chris Howland...the new synth player in the band..this opens up a whole new world for us...expect greatness and we have a show on June 18th at dailys pond....check it out
Everything is going very good with the new line up, First To Fall has been asked to give one of our songs to Vivaldi music for a cd sampler, so that has been confirmed, we are recording ' You Mean To Tell Me...'  on June 1st and that will appear on the sampler, we have a basement show May 28th at Alexs house with a few other bands, hope you make it there, and June 18th, concerts in the park at daileys Pond, South River, so come see us play....
First To Fall

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